New EP Out!

"New DANCE CORPS release - "The Infinite Raddness” by Graz!!!

Seemlessly blending together both old and recent commercial dance music with old school rave vibes and a smattering of breakcore, this mighty fine 6 track mini-album will have you raving until you literally wear out your feet (not even kidding). Download, enjoy and spread the word!” ~DanceCorps

Enjoy the release for free or donate! Any and all funds raised from this will help me tear myself out of celebratory debt of from my upcoming union with my long time support, rock, and infinite companion Jamie Mae Vaun. If you don’t have the funds (like me) sharing the release is just as helpful to promote the release and to get it more exposure.

Download Link:

P.S. You are infinitely radd!

Restocking buttons and also doing up a few new designs made by fans.

Restocking buttons and also doing up a few new designs made by fans.



NAME: Graz - Shoujo Bass

GENRE: 8bit / chiptune / twerk

This is my first completed song using only retro gaming software. This particular track was created using Little Sound DJ (LSDJ) and a modded DMG (Gameboy). I’ve never used a tracker or LSDJ before so I anticipate this may sound sophomoric stacked against my other more polished productions. Hope you dig it.



New EP via Dance Crops 8/26/14!

I am happy to announce I will be releasing a new EP on the massively ravetastic and massively awesome netlabel Dance Crops (www.dancecorps.net)

The release will consist of a few recent works and other weirder 170+ tempo mashcore / dancecore / ravecore tracks that didn’t really have homes on my other releases.

Be sure check out the labels huge back catalog of older free releases. Lastly be sure to check back here on Tuesday and throughout the week for links to the release as well as a few other surprises.



Just finished my first series of DMG mods. This recording is to test the quality of new added RCA prosound output I installed as well as record my first attempts at making something in LSDJ. Please note this is my first time sitting down making anything in a tracker, so prepare for some lack luster beats.

Rapid-Fire-Amen-Infused-Mashcore Federally Certified to Crush Any Party, Graz is here to take you to Bootleg Babylon. His glitched out high-speed rave renditions of radio’s yesteryear are the perfect blend to get any crowd bobbing. Prepare for the true sounds of the plunderground.

Graz is a Seattle local musician and graphic artist. He has been an avid electronic music producer since early 2001. He has dabbled in many different dance music genres with the main focus of adding a plunderphonic spin to anything he touches.

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