Graz - Dead and Dubbing It (Studio Mix)

Free Halloween DJ Mix

Back by popular demand my 2011 Halloween Studio DJ Mix. A great prefunk to any ghoulish debauchery featuring tons of awesome spooky themed Drumstep and Hardcore to get your bones moving.

Title: Graz - Dead and Dubbing It (Studio Mix)
Length: 35:50
Style: Drumstep / DNB / Hardcore

01 Graz - It Began At A Party
02 Plan None - Arcade Alien Nymphos
03 Urban Assault - Halloween
04 Camo and Krooked - Crypt Keeper
05 Tommy Lee and Figure - Pounds of Blood
06 Evol Intent - Unexplained Sound (FT. Demo)
07 Figure - Boogie Man
08 Camo & Krooked - Vampire (Phetsta Remix)
09 Figure & Gangsta Fun - The Mummy
10 Figure - The Werewolf (The Killabits Remix)
11 Dougal & Gammer - Zombies
12 Kanji Kinetic - Zombiezz (9MM Remix)
13 Figure - LeatherFace

Download It Here:

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Rapid-Fire-Amen-Infused-Mashcore Federally Certified to Crush Any Party, Graz is here to take you to Bootleg Babylon. His glitched out high-speed rave renditions of radio’s yesteryear are the perfect blend to get any crowd bobbing. Prepare for the true sounds of the plunderground.

Graz is a Seattle local musician and graphic artist. He has been an avid electronic music producer since early 2001. He has dabbled in many different dance music genres with the main focus of adding a plunderphonic spin to anything he touches.

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